Pythonistas use chrome

16 February 2011

I was very happy to see the wall of shame got so much attention. To my surprise, an extraordinary amount of visitors use the google browser as can be seen by the analytics data. Out of 24,000 visitors: 48.1% - Chrome 31.61% - Firefox 10.9% - Safari 3.95% - Mozilla compatible (what is this?) 2.35% - Internet Explorer 2.19% - Opera Most of the visitors were unique (you guys aren't coming back?) and it is a pretty technical, python programming related topic. So I can assume most of these are "pythonistas". Imo just like how porn decides who wins the media battles, programmers are the ones who decide who wins the browser battles. You know their grandparents/aunts/kids/uncles/etc are all going to ask them which browser to use. So expect a very bright future for google chrome.